US accuses deputy head of Russia’s Defense Ministry contractor of money laundering 

US accuses deputy head of Russia’s Defense Ministry contractor of money laundering
Leonid Teyf

The indictment alleges that Leonid Teyf received a total of $150 million for kickbacks when contracting with the Russian Ministry of Defense.

US federal prosecutors accused Leonid Teyf, the former deputy general director of the Russian Voentorg, and his wife Tatyana of embezzlement of funds from the Russian state. In addition, three of their acquaintances are suspected of money laundering, immigration fraud, and kickback schemes. They are charged with conspiring to commit crimes against the United States.

According to RBC with reference to American media, Leonid Teyf, among other things, is suspected of plotting a murder-for-hire to get rid of a man his wife had allegedly been cheating on him with.

Being the Voentorg deputy head, between 2010 and 2012, Teyf allegedly received kickbacks from subcontractors for concluding contracts for the services required by the Ministry of Defense. The kickbacks amounted to $150 million, according to the materials of the American investigation. The money was laundered from Russia through offshore accounts. Leonid and Tatyana Teyf had about 70 accounts in four American banks, into which they received $40 million.

Леонид и Татьяна Тейф

Leonid and Tatyana Teyf

Among others involved in the case is a Russian citizen named Alexey (‘Alexsy’ in the case file) Timofeev and an American, John Patrick Cotter. The latter is accused of trying to bribe a national security agent. The investigation found that Leonid Teyf came to believe that his wife was cheating on him with the son of his former housekeeper. At first, he planned to kill him, but then decided to offer 10.000 dollars to a public official to get the man deported to Russia, where he probably would have been killed. When the agents found the man, they offered protection and asked for cooperation, but he refused.

On December 5, the FBI conducted searches at Teyf's house, which is located in Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina. The mansion is valued at $ 5 million, local media say.

Дом Тейфа

Leonid Teyf House

Leonid Teyf was born in Astrakhan; he was engaged in the processing and sale of fish. He moved to St. Petersburg, where he headed ZAO Terra-Nova. He received a residence permit in the United States and brought his family there. It was then that he started working with the Ministry of Defense. Voentorg rendered catering, bathing, laundry, and other services in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. All of the services were provided through a chain of subcontractors. Teyf had not experienced any troubles until Anatoly Serdyukov left his post. But when investigators revealed the corruption schemes of the Voentorg deputy head, he had fled abroad.



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