Urals: riot police brakes into military pensioner’s because of $ 350 debt

Urals: riot police brakes into military pensioner’s because of $ 350 debt

The suspect believes that the search is the result of a dispute with the administration of Chelyabinsk.

In Chelyabinsk, police and riot police broke into the apartment of military retiree Sergey Zaruba, 58, and his wife Tatyana and conducted searches without explanations, during which documents concerning Zaruba’s dispute with the city administration were seized. Zaruba’s wife was required an ambulance, while the owner of the flat was taken to the police station, where they explained: he was suspected of swindling when receiving state payments (part 1 of Article 159.2 CCRF), Znak.com reports, referring to the suspect.

According to investigators, since March 2017, Zaruba illegally received 1,500 rubles ($ 25) of supplement to the pension for a non-working student son, since only unemployed pensioners are entitled to such supplements. In April 2017 Zaruba became the chairman of TSN and amassed a debt to the state of 22,000 rubles ($ 350).

According to the suspect, he made the payment through the military registration and enlistment office, which he, after heading the TSN, informed about his work. They continued to pay extra to his pensions, and in October 2018, the pensioner received a subpoena to appear at the police department, dated 2016. Zaruba did not take the paper seriously and threw it away.

Zaruba believes that the search was ordered because of his dispute with the city administration, which placed a municipal psychological center on the basement of the house, where they are now doing repairs and demolishing supporting structures.

According to the residents of the house, the municipality received the title to the non-residential premises illegally, having issued a fictitious barter with a certain woman. Zaruba and the residents of the house addressed former governor Boris Dubrovsky and the head of the city, Vladimir Yelistratov, but received only formal replies.

Sergey Zaruba intends to complain to the Prosecutor’s Office about illegal searches and criminal prosecution.



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