Ulmart Board Chair Dmitry Kostygin accused of credit fraud

Ulmart Board Chair Dmitry Kostygin accused of credit fraud
Dmitry Kostygin, a businessman

The investigation believes that he misappropriated a billion rubles borrowed from Sberbank

St. Petersburg Investigative Committee charged Ulmart Board Chair Dmitry Kostygin with credit fraud, the ICR said in a press release. The Ulmart company is a leading Russian private online retailer focused on e-commerce. During October 10 searches, police seized Kostygin’s office and communications equipment and documents relevant to the investigators. On October 11, he will be brought to court with a petition for house arrest.

According to investigators, on March 24, 2016 Kostygin signed a contract with Sberbank for a revolving credit line for Ulmart, having allegedly provided false information about the company’s financial state in order to avoid fulfilling the terms of the contract. In April 2016, Kostygin spent 1 billion rubles ($17.3m) Sberbank had credited the Ulmart account with as he chose, the ICR reported.

The detectives also reminded that another criminal case is being investigated against Ulmart, this one is about non-payment of 116 million rubles ($2m) worth of taxes to the Russian budget. The debt has already been paid off.

On October 10, police came to Dmitry Kostygin, Ulmart ex-general director Sergei Fedorinov and formal creditor Oleg Morozov with a search warrant as part of the investigation. Kostygin was detained after the searches.



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