Clerk and two ex-police officers accused of Muscovites' apartments plunder

Clerk and two ex-police officers accused of Muscovites' apartments plunder

Former law enforcement authorities created a roguish scheme on depriving disabled people and pensioners of the real estate.

Investigators brought charges to two former police officers, ex-registrar of Multifunctional Center across Veshnyaki area and seven more their accomplices. All defendants depending on extent of their participation are accused of fraud committed by a group of persons on especially large scale.

In particular, the Investigative Committee established that former police officers entered into collusion with the registrar of Multifunctional Center and other defendants for the purpose of depriving of an apartment from the Muscovite living on Krasny Kazanets Street in July, 2016. It is noted that police officers have chosen the woman owing to her state of health.

One of the defendants has made the false contract of purchase and sale of this apartment on behalf of the owner then the accomplices registered the property right to housing and further resold it to third parties. The defendants have disposed of the obtained money from sale of the apartment at discretion.

In total, according to the investigation, the group has deceived six more social and unprotected residents of the capital. For achievement of their goal the defendants have attracted not less than 9 accomplices.

Now 12 people are brought to trial, 10 defendants were place in custody, two defendants were given a recognizance not to leave.



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