Traveler's Coffee director put in detention facility

Traveler's Coffee director put in detention facility
Yevgeny Mikheyenko

Yevgeny Mikheyenko is accused of attempted fraud.

Yevgeny Mikheyenko, the director of the Novosibirsk coffeehouse chain Traveler's Coffee, has been arrested by the Nikulinsky District Court of Moscow. The businessman was put in custody until September 13.

As Mikheyenko’s lawyer said, the businessman had been sentenced to custody in the case initiated back in December 2016, on suspicion of attempted fraud. The criminal case was instituted by the Moscow police that had taken action on a claim by the company’s co-founder Anvar Piriev. According to Piriev, Mikheyenko used Traveler's Coffee trademark illegally.

As RBC specified, Traveler's Coffee International Ltd under Mikheyenko obtained invalidation of the agreement to alienate the exclusive right to the Traveler's Coffee trademark in March. However, on June 27, Anvar Piriev, the founder, won the trademark in court and announced that the Traveler's Coffee Moscow that he ran was the sole rightholder of the Traveler's Coffee brand, which was told to all the joints.

The war between the two businessmen started in 2012. The dispute was, roughly speaking, about the right to hang the company logo over the entrance, as well as for the franchise. Today, Yevgeny Mikheyenko says what happened was nothing but a raider seizure. He also accused Piriev of bribing the law enforcement officers, who conducted a series of searches at Mikheyenko’s place and interfered with the work of his joints. The CrimeRussia covered this business confrontation in detail before.

According to the official website of the Traveler's Coffee, 118 coffee houses operate under the brand name in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, and the latest one was opened in 2017.



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