Transparency International reports on conflict of interests of nine Moscow MPs

Transparency International reports on conflict of interests of nine Moscow MPs
Nadezhda Babkina

The organization sent the materials to the Prosecutor's Office.

The Russian branch of Transparency International reveals a conflict of interests among nine deputies of the Moscow City and Moscow Regional Duma. People's artist Nadezhda Babkina and skier Alexander Legkov enter this list. The organization emphasizes that it applied to the Prosecutor's Office.

According to the authors of the article, the singer being MP controls the activities of the Moscow Department of Culture, which at the same time is the founder of the Russian Song folk theater she heads.

"When Babkina concludes a contract with her theater for performances on the stage of her theater, the founder has to clear on such a deal. The officials of the Culture Department are part of a conflict of interests," the organization's report states.

Since 2017, Babkin has signed three contracts with the theater for a total of 6.975 million rubles ($101.100). Transparency International notes that it had previously written about the Russian Song in the framework of a study on financial irregularities in Moscow theaters.

Olympic champion Legkov is the founder of Equipping Center named after Legkov LLC and deputy chairman of the Moscow Region Committee for Youth and Sports. For the period of deputy powers, his company has concluded three contracts with budgetary institutions of the region - the Sports School of the Olympic Reserve Istina (for the supply of sports equipment with a total amount of almost 3.3 million rubles) and FOK LOTOS (440 thousand rubles).

The appeal against Babkina was forwarded to the Duma Commission for the Control of Deputies' Declarations of Income and Property, and later to the speaker of the Moscow City Duma who stated that he had not received "any reports on the conflict of interests."



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