Top-managers of Moscow bank stole half a billion rubles

Top-managers of Moscow bank stole half a billion rubles

The criminal scheme of withdrawing money from the bank was revealed in one of Moscow bank.

The representative of the Russian MIA, Irina Volk, said that the Investigative Committee charged two high-ranking female employees with the theft of half a billion rubles.

It is known that one of the accused held the post of deputy chairman of the bank, and the other - the head of the department of mortgage lending.

Theft of such a large amount of money became possible due to the conclusion of the two sales agreements between the bank and the mortgage brokerage firm.

Thanks to fraudulent actions of the defendants, the bank bought shares of the company, that didn’t have any financial activity. Eventually, 500 mln rubles from the bank’s account were transferred to the account of the counterparty, and then, to the account of a shell company.    

Right after detecting the shortage of funds and conducting investigation, the criminal case was filed under P.4, Art.159 of the Russian Criminal Code. The bank employees, whose guilt has been already proven, are now arrested.



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