Top-manager from the bank of Sergey-Two-Percent fraudster arrested

Top-manager from the bank of Sergey-Two-Percent fraudster arrested
Sergey Magin (also known as Sergey-Two-Percent)

The former Chairman of the Mast-Bank Board Alexander Chemetov and the ex-employee Natalya Zhelobaeva are suspected of withdrawing money from the bankrupt Crimean bank associated with encashment specialist Sergey Magin.

New defenders have appeared in the case of money theft from the Crimean Mast-Bank. They are suspected of siphoning off several billion rubles. After the interrogation, the ex-chairman of the board Alexander Chemetov and one of the former employees Natalya Zhelobaeva (currently holds the position of Head of Credit Management at the Arsenal Bank) were arrested. According to Kommersant, the Basmanny District Court of Moscow has put them in custody for two months. Lawyers of the Mast-Bank ex-employees tried to appeal the decision, but to no avail. The bank lost its license in June 2015 at the decision of the Central Bank. The regulator had introduced external control, and a few months later Mast-Bank was declared bankrupt. As of September 1, 2016, the size of the debt owed to creditors is 13 billion 980 million rubles. In January 2016, a criminal case of Embezzlement under part 4 of Art. 160 of the Criminal Code was initiated, but up till now there had been no defendants in it.

The investigators claim that right before the license was revoked, the bank management had issued bogus loans. The lending of the bank borrowers in the total amount of no less than 6.3 billion rubles bore signs of withdrawal of the bank's assets, the Central Bank noted. The regulator suspected Swindling on an especially large scale in the actions of the bankers (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code), as well as Abuse of Authority (Art. 201 of the Criminal Code), Deliberate Bankruptcy (Art. 196 of the Criminal Code), and Misconduct in Bankruptcy Conditions (Art. 195 of the Criminal Code).

In April 2015, the Main Investigative Department of the MIA General Administration for Moscow initiated a criminal case against a Mast-Bank board member Evgeny Rostovtsev and a banker Sarkis Meybatov under Art. 172 of the Criminal Code (Illegal Banking Activities). They are accused of illegally cashing out 8.8 billion rubles through front companies.

Mast-Bank was founded in 1995 and lead active business in the Crimea. The bank was controlled by the encashment specialist Sergey Magin, better known as Sergey-Two-Percent. Investigators claimed that a small commission for cashing out money could be explained by the huge size of funds that had passed through Magin’s affiliated structures. The MIA called Sergey Magin the beneficial holder of a number of commercial banks, including Oksky and Mast-Bank. Magin is suspected of establishing an organized crime group, through which he siphoned off 169 billion rubles. Organizers of the gang, Sergey Magina and Vadim Rybalchenko, as well as ten of its members, are accused of committing crimes under part 1 and part 2 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code (Organization of a Criminal Community and Participation in It), items (a), (b), part 2 of Art. 172 of the Criminal Code (Illegal Banking Activities, committed by an organized group) and item (b), part 2 of Art. 173.1 of the Criminal Code (Illegal Formation of a legal entity). The trial against Magin is still ongoing.



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