Theft of $6 mln from former presidential candidate turned into 12 years of colony

Theft of $6 mln from former presidential candidate turned into 12 years of colony
The Ex-Senator of the Federation Council Konstantin Titov became a victim of fraud in 2007.

The fraudster offered Konstantin Titov to invest in "high-yield transactions in the banking sector", but the Senator received neither interest, nor the money.

The Nikulinskiy Court of Moscow sentenced Vladislav Tsoraev to 12 years in prison for organizing the theft of $6 million from the former Head of the Samara Region, the Russian presidential candidate and Senator Konstantin Titov. It took two months for the court to study the materials of the criminal case for Swindling on an especially large scale (part 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code).

According to Kommersant, the Prosecutor asked to sentence Tsoraev to 8.5 years in prison. However, the court ruled out that the penalty should be more severe, and sentenced the defendant to 12 years.

The court also satisfied Titov’s demands to compensate the damage in the amount of 280 million rubles. According to the newspaper, Titov was dissatisfied with the fact that the defendant was the only one person of interest in the case, while the swindling was also carried out by other participants, whose relatives began to acquire real estate in Moscow and Moscow Region. On this issue, Konstantin Titov’s lawyers have already filed a complaint to the prosecutor's office in Moscow and the management of the Moscow Police Main Directorate.

The investigation covered the period from September to December 2007, when Konstantin Titov resigned as the Governor of the Samara Region and became its representative in the Federation Council. A member of the Federation Council introduced Titov to Anatoly Shutov, who passed as the General of Justice and the Prosecutor General’s Office employee. He offered the politician to invest in profitable project: programs of the secret financial group Center. After that, Konstantin Titov met with Shutov’s alleged partners - Alexey Prozorov, Arthur Kuralaev and Vladislav Tsoraev. The latter presented himself as the head of the financial group Center, supposedly created in the Presidential Administration for special financial programs. The Senator was promised 100% profit from the transaction if the amount of investment will be no less than $500 thousand.

Believing in fake investment project, the Senator borrowed from his son, the former owner of the bank Solidarity, money for a down payment, and in October 2007 gave it to swindlers.

Realizing that he had become a victim of swindling, a few months later, Titov spoke to Tsoraev with the requirement to return the money, but never received them.

And in 2009 Vladislav Tsoraev and Arthur Kuralaev were arrested and convicted of a similar fraud, and got 9 and 8 years in prison. Then, the scammers promised to the businessman Sergey Shapitko the post of the Head of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology in exchange for 17.8 million rubles. As for Titov, he turned to law enforcement agencies only in 2015, 8 years after the crime was commited, because all this time was in the civil service and did not want to attract attention.

Vladislav Tsoraev did not admit his guilt, insisting that the politician gave him money not to invest in the project, but for appointment of the then Ryazan Region Governor Georgy Shpak to a second term. To date, Arthur Kuralaev wrote a confession. Alexey Prozorov died and the investigation was unable to establish the identity of Anatoly Shutov.



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