The richest Omsk deputy detained in case over gas tariffs overstatement

The richest Omsk deputy detained in case over gas tariffs overstatement
Sergey Kalinin

Co-owner of the Aktsiya holding Sergey Kalinin is suspected of fraud in gas tariff setting to the amount of 1.4 billion rubles ($22.4m).

Omsk detains deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly and chairman of the law committee businessman Sergey Kalinin. The siloviki came to one of the private clinics, where he was treated in the VIP room for several days. As prosecutor Dmitry Kazannik said, Kalinin is suspected of fraud in gas tariff setting in the amount of 1.4 billion rubles. Currently, the issue of arrest regarding head of the Aktsiya board of directors Sergey Kalinin is being decided.

Director of Omskgazseti Alexander Orlov was detained within this case. He is the son-in-law of State Duma deputy Andrey Golushko, who is a co-owner of the Aktsiya hockey club and Kalinin's partner. On June 9, the Central District Court of Omsk placed him under house arrest.

In April 2017, law enforcement agencies of Omsk initiated a case of fraud with tariffs for transporting gas to the public (part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Initially, it was initiated against unidentified persons from the management of Omskgazseti and the gas supply company Omskgorgaz, which is part of the Aktsiya holding.

In fact, the structures of Kalinin and Golushko leased gas networks to themselves but included these costs in the tariff. After the initiation of the criminal case and the appeal of the Investigation Committee, the Federal Antimonopoly Service cut tariffs of Omskgazseti gas by 3-4 times. In particular, the costs for salaries, rent of buildings and transport, payment of dividends and so on were excluded or reduced.

Orlov, answering the question about the affiliation of companies, said that Omskgazseti is an independent legal entity and the activities of the enterprise are carried out within the framework of the current legislation.

"Attempts to tie this activity with certain political figures in the Omsk region are a part of political technologies, which is probably beneficial to someone in the current political situation in Omsk," said Alexander Orlov.

Detention was not a surprise for Kalinin. In early June, as part of the investigation into the criminal case, Omskgorgaz's documents about inflated tariffs were seized. Immediately after this, the deputy was taken to the hospital.

Local media report that the arrests may be related to the struggle of a group of retired generals of the Internal Affairs Directorate and the Federal Security Service against State Duma deputy Andrey Golushko, who himself is not criminally responsible because of his immunity.

We add that from 2013 to 2015 current Omsk City Mayor Oksana Fadina was the executive director of Omskorgaz.



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