The ex-Head of Rosnano moves to a dacha at Serebryany Bor

The ex-Head of Rosnano moves to a dacha at Serebryany Bor
Leonid Melamed

Leonid Melamed’s term was extended once again. The Basmanny Court of Moscow decided that the former Head of Rosnano will be under arrest until the 1st of July.

Leonid Melamed, who was accused in the organization of embezzlement of more than 220 million rubles, will serve his sentence in his country house, located in the Serebrayny Bor (Silver Forest). This decision was made the Basmanny Court on June 8th. Until today’s hearing, Melamed was kept under house arrest in an apartment on Leninsky Prospekt.

His deputy Andrey Malyshev and Chief Financial Officer of Rosnano Svyatoslav Ponurov are the defendants in the case along with Melamed. The investigators believe that the agreement between a public corporation and investment-financial company "Alemar", one of the owners of which is Melamed himself, was concluded in 2008 and 2009. The company was supposed to render consulting services to Rosnano. Under the this agreement, Melamed’s colleagues Malyshev and Ponurov transferred a huge amount at the company's account: the amount of wasted money exceed 220 million rubles.

Melamed himself did not cop a plea. The defendant's lawyers claimed that the loss of the state corporation was fully reimbursed, although Rosnano is sure that there was no damage at all.



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