The CB requires to recognize BaikalBank as bankrupt

The CB requires to recognize BaikalBank as bankrupt

The exact date of the application is not yet established.

The Central Bank of Russia requires to recognize PJSC BaikalBank as bankrupt. With this statement the Central Bank turned to the Arbitration Court of the Republic of Buryatia.

8 and 15 August BaykalBank was to overturn the Central Bank requirements trying through the court. This was the prescription to limit the exercise of certain banking operations amounting to more than 10 thousand rubles per month for a period of six months. Among these operations there were called the issue of bank guarantees and purchase and sale of foreign currency, settlement of accounts through the payment system of the Bank of Russia and others.

Another requirement of the Central Bank, which is trying to cancel the bank, was allowance not to open accounts for individuals and individual entrepreneurs, who are not registered in the list of shareholders. Also it was banned to raise funds from non-shareholders.



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