Tax man and his relative, deputy, made life nightmare for Tyumen’s businessmen

Tax man and his relative, deputy, made life nightmare for Tyumen’s businessmen

A court has found a former tax inspector guilty of taking bribes. According to investigators, the tax man made unscheduled audits of a company at a deputy’s request (the investigation does not reveal his name) from which the tax man received bribes.

According to the criminal case file, Sergey Malov, Acting Head of the Legal Department of the Federal Tax Service in Tyumen Number 3, met with his relative, a deputy, in the summer of 2015. The deputy called in a favor to arrange unscheduled audits of a processing survey company. Malov’s relative is the financial director of one of the Tyumen companies and, at the same time, a deputy of local government.

The tax man conducted the audits by sending an employee of an operational audit office to question the Head of the company. A transcript of the interrogation became a record of work done, for which Malov received 200 thousands rubles.

Investigation in the case established that at the same time the deputy was blackmailing a director of the company, extorting 5 million rubles in June and July, and demanding another 6 million in November. After this demand, a director went to the police. As a result of the investigation, charges were brought against the deputy and Malov.

The court sentenced Malov to 4 years and a half in prison, probation for 4 years and a half, and a fine of 3 million rubles. Also Malov has been banned from acting as a civil servant or local government employee.

 Investigation of the deputy is ongoing. He is charged with violating art. 159, para. 4 (fraud committed on a large scale), art. 30, para. 3, art. 159, para. 4 (attempted fraud) and art. 291, para. 4 subpara. «b» of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (bribery on a large scale).



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