Tatfondbank: Shaimiev refused to meet with cheated investors 

Tatfondbank: Shaimiev refused to meet with cheated investors
Defrauded investors near the Chamber of Commerce of Tatarstan Photo: Kazan Reporter

Cheated depositors of Tatarstan banks continue to assault state bodies demanding the return of all the money.⁠

Today at 12:00 the ultimatum of Tatfondbank depositors, which was advanced to the Government of Tatarstan, expired. So far, no official reaction followed. About 100 people gathered at the Kazan Kremlin demanding a meeting with First President of the Republic of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev (now State Advisor), but he has refused to meet cheated investors, says Kazan Reporter.

Video: Tatfondbank cheated investors at the Kazan Kremlin

Customers of troubled banks went to the Commerce and Industry Chamber of the Republic. Five of the representatives of the protesters managed to get inside it.

On March 3, it became known that the Central Bank revoked the license of Tatfondbank and IntekBank. The next day, a group of 300-400 affected customers began to storm the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic. Then they were able to meet Prime Minister of Tatarstan Ildar Khalikov (he headed the board of directors of Tatfondbank), whom gave an ultimatum, with which demanded to overturn the revocation of licenses and full refund from the Government.

On the same day, head of the Tatfondbank board Robert Musin was arrested on charges of fraud by the court. A criminal investigation was initiated into the theft in Tatfondbank in February. As part of its investigation there had been detained deputies of the Tatfondbank Chairman Sergey Meshchanov and Vadim Merzlyakov, head of TFB Finance Timur Valshin and his subordinates Rustam Timerbaev and Ilnar Abdulmanov.



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