Tatarstan PM and Deputy Prosecutor threaten deceived depositors 

Tatarstan PM and Deputy Prosecutor threaten deceived depositors
Prime Minister Ildar Khalikov at a meeting with the deceived depositors

Ildar Khalikov refused to accept the ultimatum of the deceived bank depositors, who suggest collecting signatures for the impeachment of Tatarstan President.

At the meeting of the Tatarstan Prime Minister with the depositors of banks whose licenses had been revoked by the Central Bank, Ildar Khalikov rejected the demands set forth in the ultimatum. The depositors suggested creating a fund equal to the creditors' claims with the use of investments of the largest enterprises of the Republic, budget cuts in terms of financing sports, image spending, etc.

“The option that we should take money from the budget or force some enterprises to give money to the depositors is definitely not a legal one: it is unlikely to happen, I’m telling you right away. The option of creating or not creating a fund is still being considered. Perhaps, the fund will be created, let us discuss it carefully,” said Prime Minister Ildar Khalikov who headed the Board of Directors of Tatfondbank.

He also said that neither the authorities of the Republic, nor the state companies, nor even the TAIF will distribute money. And that it was not advisable to dispute the Central Bank’s decision to revoke the licenses. Following this, Deputy Prosecutor of Tatarstan Marat Dolgov took the floor and began to explicitly threaten the depositors.

“I would like to warn you against any illegal actions and negative politicization of the process. I will say right away that all the illegal actions, especially of a public nature, will be given the appropriate legal assessment. Each and every one of them without exception,” said Dolgov.

Video: Ildar Khalikov rejected depositors' demands

When Ildar Khalikov went out to the depositors who remained at the door, rather than a next negotiation, they started demanding an answer to the question: “When will our money be returned to us?” Then, the Prime Minister left the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and shouts “Shame!” and “Resign!” followed him.

At the same time, the depositors demand real actions from the government of the Republic and are ready to impeach President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

It is to be recalled that the Central Bank had revoked the licenses of Tatfondbank and Intekhbank on March 3 for violation of CBR standards. On the same day, Robert Musin, the Head of the Board of Tatfondbank, was arrested on charges of fraud. The criminal case on theft in Tatfondbank was initiated in February. As part of its investigation, Deputy Chairmans of Tatfondbank Sergey Meschanov and Vadim Merzlyakov, TFB Finance CEO Timur Valshin, and his subordinates Rustam Timerbaev and Ilnar Abdulmanov were detained.



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