Tatarstan Constitutional Court judge charged with swindling on 13 million rubles 

Tatarstan Constitutional Court judge charged with swindling on 13 million rubles
Photo: Kristina Kormilitsyna / Kommersant

According to investigators, Rashid Gafiyatullin together with accomplices stole property from Kazan entrepreneur.

In Moscow, the trial on a criminal case against a judge of the Tatarstan Constitutional Court Rashid Gafiyatullin began. According to Kommersant, the case counts took place on 2011-2012. Then Gafiyatullin served as the General Counsel of the Cabinet of Ministers of Tatarstan and, together with two accomplices, was involved in the theft of 13.2 million rubles from the businessman Yevgeny Borodin (he is now the rector of the Institute for Regional Policy). The criminal case was instituted on the fact of swindling on an especially large scale (part 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code).

In 2011, the entrepreneur was unable to repay loans, which he took in Spurt bank. By decision of the Vahtovski District Court of Kazan Borodin's property (non-residential premises and buildings) was arrested and sold.

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The businessman decided to return the property in court. As reported in the materials of the case, when identifшув problems, Rashid Gafiyatullin promised Borodin to recognize the results of the auction null and void, and then review the decision of the court for the recovery of property. According to investigators, the first size of the reward for the help amounted to 1.5 million rubles. Then Borodin gave Gafiyatullinu and his associates, Edward Akhmerov and Sergey Novoselov, 4.5 million rubles, then - the office in Kazan, which cost was 8.5 million rubles. When Borodin realized that the lawyer was not going to solve his case, he addressed a statement to law enforcement authorities.

In February 2016, the Qualification Board of Judges of Tatarstan agreed to bring Gafiyatullin to the criminal liability. The judge did not recognize his guilt. According to the lawyer Tamara Chulyukina, the prosecution was based only on the testimony of the victim and there were not evidences of guilt of her client. Sergey Novoselov's lawyer, who was charged with the theft count of the office, in turn, claimed that the office was re-registerd legally, and Borodin initiated proceedings for personal gain, he owed him about 10 million rubles.

It should be noted that the criminal case had to be considered in Kazan, but the Prosecutor General's Office appealed to the Russian Supreme Court to change of venue, citing the status of Mr. Gafiyatullin. According to the supervisory authority, “examination of the case of the Republic of Tatarstan does not guarantee a secure, fair and impartial trial.”

Rashid Gafiyatullin was elected as a judge of the Constitutional Court of Tatarstan by deputies of the State Council in December 2014. Prior to that, since 1995 he held the post of the Head of Legal Department of the Cabinet of Ministers. Gafiyatullin was awarded the title of Honored Lawyer of Tatarstan and Russia.



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