Swindlers received up to 7 years in colony for embezzling $1 mln from Transcapitalbank client

Swindlers received up to 7 years in colony for embezzling $1 mln from Transcapitalbank client

A businessman and his accomplice working in the bank have embezzled money from customer’s account and transferred it to Singapore.⁠

According to Kommersant, the conviction in the high-profile case of 1-million-dollar embezzlement from one of Transcapitalbank’s customers came into force following an appeal. The Moscow City Court agreed with the judgment of the Basmanny District Court, which had sentenced businessman Garri Kuzminykh to 7 years in colony and his accomplice bank employee Ivan Eremeev to 3 years in colony for Swindling on an especially large scale (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code).

According to investigation, in March 2014, Kuzminykh, who was providing consulting in commercial and financial issues, persuaded his acquaintance, a businessman Aleksandr Dubovik, to put 1 million dollars into a deposit account at Transcapitalbank. But already in April 2014, the funds disappeared from the entrepreneur’s account. It turned out that his account was closed. 20 thousand out of 1 million dollars were cashed out, and 980,000 dollars were moved to the account of certain Mr. Kitoroage at a Singapore bank. After learning about the incident, Aleksandr Dubovik wrote a statement to the police in Moscow; investigators of the MIA Administration opened a criminal case on large-scale swindling. Soon, the Head of Transcapitalbank’s Department of Corporate Clients Ivan Eremeev was arrested. It turned out that he had forged documents about closing the victim's account and transferring the money abroad. Allegedly, this was done after a call on behalf of Aleksandr Dubovik himself. However, investigators and the court found that it was Garri Kuzminykh who made the call. During interrogations, Eremeev insisted that he had been misled. Supposedly, Kuzminykh was a longtime customer of Transcapitalbank, so his reputation was not in doubt. By the way, according to investigators, the cashed out 20,000 dollars could be bank employee’s remuneration for the service.

Eremeev had made a deal with the justice system, hoping for a lenient sentence. However, despite the complete repentance and detailed testimony, the Basmanny District Court has sentenced the former bank top manager to 3 years in a penal colony.

Meanwhile, Garri Kuzminykh categorically denied his guilt. He insisted that he was not an employee of the bank, so he could not steal 1 million dollars. The businessman claimed full acquittal, but the court deemed his guilt proved.

It should be noted that Aleksandr Dubovik has recovered the lost money from Transcapitalbank and received 1.6 million dollars, including penalties. As a result of the criminal proceedings, the bank itself has been registered as an injured party. And now it is Ivan Eremeev and Garri Kuzminykh who should compensate for the damage. 



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