Swindlers misappropriated company on raider scheme for 15 million of budget funds 

Swindlers misappropriated company on raider scheme for 15 million of budget funds

Swindlers forged company’s corporate establishment documents and transferred more than 15 million rubles, intended to pay for the work of the contractor, to their accounts.

Economic security and anti-corruption Department of North-West Administrative District’ Internal Affairs Directorate is carring out an inspection with respect to swindlers, who embezzled 15 million rubles through forged documents.

In November 2014 the owner of the company (also CEO) Proektremstroy LLC Alexander Brilon recognized that unknown people had forged signatures and introduced changes in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. According to new data from October, 2014 the share of Brilon changed firstly from 100% to 10% (90% of the company departed to some Tatyana Polikarpova) and a few weeks later the company owner became some Julia Sapsaeva. She also became the CEO of Proektremstroy LLC.

It is noteworthy that to each of them there are now registered about three dozen companies.


Photo: an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities

Previously, between Proektremstroem and government entity the Directorate for the implementation of projects in the field of ecology and forestry (State Public Institution of Moscow DPiOOS) two state contracts were covenanted, according to which it was expected to transfer money for performed work. After recognizing about the fraud fact performed Brilon sent a letter to the Head of the Directorate Kharitonov, asking him not to transfer the money until the proceedings will be conducted with the involvement of law enforcement agencies. He also provided a copy of the original corporate establishment documents and even handwriting analysis, which concluded that the signature on the documents in amendments in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities was a fake. 

However, despite a customers‘s notice, on the account of Proektremstroy it was transferred more than 15 million 800 thousand rubles. At the same time the payments were made for not even performed work. According Brilon, the Deputy Head of DPiOOS Kolesnikova, being in cahoots with the fraudsters, contributed to this, because she is the curator of the contracts.

The victim, the owner of Proektremstroya, Alexander Brilon stressed that the documents, required for termination of the contract, are still with him. However, the police refused to initiate criminal proceedings, explaining its refusal by claiming that suspects were not be found.

The remarkable thing is that swindlers acted according to the classical raider scheme of company takeover, however, the goal was not the company itself, but the expected transfer of budget funds.

Отметим, что мошенники действовали по классической рейдерской схеме захвата компании, однако в данном случае целью была не сама компания, а ожидающийся перевод бюджетных денег.


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