Sweden: fugitive deputy from Russia with fake Romanian passport detained for fraud

Sweden: fugitive deputy from Russia with fake Romanian passport detained for fraud
Yevgeny Glazkov

Previously convicted at home for embezzling a large amount of money the former deputy of the Volgograd City Duma, Yevgeny Glazkov, was detained by Swedish law enforcers under an international warrant.

The regional politician is accused of car insurance fraud.

Russian citizen Yevgeny Glazkov, suspected of fraud, has been detained in Sweden, the Swedish newspaper Expressen reports with reference to the inspectors of the search special squad Fast-gruppen and other sources.

Glazkov, who had been on the international wanted list since January 2017, was detained on February 20. According to the newspaper, in Sweden he used a fake Romanian passport. In 2015, Glazkov received a business visa at the invitation of a Swedish construction company. After arriving in Sweden, he, knowing that he was being searched all over the world, went underground and lived on forged documents.

It is noted that the information received from the Russian law enforcement agencies helped to detain the suspect. The publication notes that the 46-year-old former regional politician was a member of a criminal organization whose members are accused of auto insurance fraud. Together with another Russian official and a former employee of the Russian security service, he is suspected of illegally receiving more than 7 million rubles (1 million Swedish crowns, $107,000) of insurance payments for cars, the newspaper writes.

According to Bloknot-Volgograd, ex-deputy Glazkov left a bright criminal mark in his homeland. In 2013, under the verdict of the military garrison court, Yevgeny Glazkov received 2.5 years in a penal colony for stealing a large amount from restaurateur Aleksey Torubarov. His accomplice, the captain of the Volgograd FSB Directorate, Andrey Chumanov, was announced wanted.

Once released, the criminal deputy took up a new type of fraud related to car accidents, which other deputies were busy with. In 2016, deputies of the City Duma Yevgeny Shchur and Alexey Zverev were arrested in this case. The third member of the group, ex-deputy of the city duma, Fyodor Litvinenko, disappeared at first, but then surrendered to the law enforcement authorities. The search for Yevgeny Glazkov was put an end to by the efforts of the Swedish police.

In the near future, the Swedish court will decide on the extradition of the former Volgograd deputy to Russia.



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