Suspects in attack on Hospital No. 40 in Sestroretsk detained

Suspects in attack on Hospital No. 40 in Sestroretsk detained

The alleged organizer and two perpetrators already have criminal records.

Law enforcement agencies detained a suspected organizer and two perpetrators of the robbery at the Hospital No. 40 in Sestroretsk and attacks on its employees. According to the latest information of the ICR, the criminals stole 250,000 rubles ($ 3,800) and € 2,500.

According to the ICR’s press service, Sergey Grudetsky, 45, detained in St. Petersburg, was responsible for organizing the crime, and Valery Simbirev, 42, detained in the Tambov Region, along with Alexey Simbirev, 32, caught in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, were responsible for the armed robbery itself. Grudetsky has a conviction for robbery, and the alleged perpetrators – for banditry.

According to the investigators, in the morning of March 29, Grudetsky brought the Simbirev brothers to the Hospital No. 40. The perpetrators wearing medical robes, caps and masks on their faces entered the facility and attacked the paramedics. “Threatening with a knife, they severely beat the department head and the head physician of the hospital as well as the deputy director of the medical information center with a crutch and a wooden armchair leg, tying their hands with plastic construction clamps,” the press service of the ICR reports. Then the criminals took the money from the safe and disappeared.

According to Fontanka, a good acquaintance of the alleged organizer of the attack works in the hospital, and the robbers stole unaccounted cash about which only the hospital management knew. In addition, the amount of the stolen money turned out to be more than what Valery Laptev said. The latter who was responsible for purchases and it was in his office were the safe was.



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