State prosecution demands put human rights activist for 7 years in colony

State prosecution demands put human rights activist for 7 years in colony

The Deputy Head of the organization Committee for Civil Rights is accused of swindling.

The state prosecution demanded to put Andrey Mayakov, the Head of the Center of affordable justice, the Deputy Head of the Committee for Civil Rights, for 7 years colony. According to investigators, in 2013-2015 human rights activist received a bribe in the amount of more than 1 million rubles for the closure of criminal cases, but has not fulfilled promises. According to Kommersant, Mayakov was charged with two counts under article Swindling in an especially large scale (part 3, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) and Attempted Swindling in an especially large scale (Art. 30, part 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code).

Andrey Mayakov was caught red-handed in the committee office a year ago, on September 15, 2015. According to investigators, in 2013-2015 the human rights activist received from the citizen Zoya Maslova a fee - 670,000 rubles, promising to improve the conditions of detention of her husband in prison, and then assisted in his release on health grounds. In another count, according to the ICR, Mayakov would receive about 900 thousand rubles for the promise to terminate the criminal case of Muscovite Denis Selin, who was accused of drug trafficking.

It is reported that Andrey Mayakov was also previously convicted for swindling in connection with a cash payment in exchange for the provision of human rights services.

Interestingly that the human rights activist's lawyer Gennady Shilo did not deny the fact that his client took money from Zoya Maslova, but noted that Mayakov provided such assistance in the framework of the NGO Center for Justice affordable. According to the lawyer, Mayakov did not violate the law, because his activity is not regulated by a special law.

As for the money received from Denis Selin according to the lawyer, it was a provocation, made by the police to discredit Mayakov. The defense said that Selin requested termination of the criminal case to the Head of the Committee for Civil Rights, a well-known human rights activist Andrey Babushkin. Babushkin asked the Deputy Chief of the Internal Affairs of the North-West District Shamil Sibanov, who investigated Selin's case, to understand the situation. Law enforcers appointed a meeting with Denis Selin, but Selin did not go. After some time, Selin turned with the same request personally to Andrey Mayakov. He agreed to help, warning that it would take at least a month on a legal solution to the problem. After the decision on the matter, Selin immediately wrote a statement to the police on the human rights activist Mayakov under swindling.

According to Kommersant, Gennady Shilo said that friends of Andrey Mayakova have already compensated the victim all the funds spent by him, and Denis Selin and Zoya Maslova sent to the court statements that they did not have claims to Mayakov. According to the defense, this should be a reason to justify the human rights activist.



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