State owes 15 million rubles to Pipeline Case defendant

State owes 15 million rubles to Pipeline Case defendant

The damages inflicted to the City Underground Structures Department as a result of laying old pipes instead of new ones have suddenly shrunk from initially being 3 billion rubles to 1.3 million rubles, while in 2014 the defendant Andrey Kadkin had paid 15 million to the state as compensation for damages.

In St. Petersburg, the Leninsky District Court held a key meeting on the high-profile Pipeline Case that had attracted a lot of attention in 2012. The meeting announced the final amount of damage inflicted, as reported by The sum turned out to be 20 times as small as the one originally declared by the investigation.

We have had stories covering the Pipeline Case that had started three years ago with a series of raids and arrests in St. Petersburg Energy Committee and contractors' offices.

The case involves Committee Chairman Oleg Trishkin, the Head of the Construction Office Konstantin Mosin, Director of Petrokom contracting company Aleksey Muravyov as well as its owner at that time Andrey Kadkin who all have been detained under investigation and escorted to Moscow.

The press release by the MIA's press service reported that the suspects had laid over 600 kilometers of old pipes claiming price from the budget as if they were new, resulting in a dent in the budget of 3 billion rubles.

After a year, however, the amount of damage has been reduced to 50 million rubles, and Oleg Trishkin who had been imprisoned for a whole year was released on bail and assigned witness status. The case was remanded for further investigation as the Prosecutor General's Office requested a forensic accounting expert examination.

Andrey Kadkin, the Head of Petrokom, who pleaded guilty and made a deal with the investigation, confessed and revealed the details of the criminal scheme. To implement the scheme, they involved Rustrubprom company that supplies cheaper pipes with low quality penetration seals; the also involved Konstantin Mosin, the Head of the Construction Office, who ensured the works were accepted.

The contractor attached false certificates of Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant to Certificates of completion of works, while Mosin and the Head of boilers construction department Anatoly Khutti would receive some kickbacks from Kadkin from time to time.

The amount could have been even higher, but there were some issues with the second contract as the Office did not have the necessary funds to pay for pipe laying at an inflated price, and the criminals were forced to abandon their idea having stated in the documents of acceptance the real class of pipes.

As a result, the case, already almost irrelevant, did not appear in court until 2016. Its gist remained the same with only the amount changed. By that time penitent Kadkin had recompensed 15 million rubles to the state budget; the examination was completed much later.

Now the former Head of Petrokom is entitled to demand a refund of 13.7 million rubles from the government, but according to his associates he is going to leave the money in the treasury.

The cases of the others involved in the Pipeline Case, namely, the former Head of the Construction Office Konstantin Mosin, his subordinates Anatoly Khutti and Leonid Shishov, Petrokom top managers Aleksey Muravyov and Sergey Zhukovsky, the owner of Rustrubprom Igor Seliverstov – are all qualified as different articles. Their hearings in the Leninsky Court have not yet been completed. The criminal group is estimated to have consisted of 8 people, each earned 160 thousand rubles on the fraud.

As regards the charges against the former Head of the Energy Committee Oleg Trishkin who spent almost a year in jail – those have been reclassified. The investigation concluded that when signing the documents of payment for Petrokom's services he was misled by the other defendants, Konstantin Mosin in particular.



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