St. Petersburg: black psychiatrist involved in Kolpino Head case arrested

St. Petersburg: black psychiatrist involved in Kolpino Head case arrested
Yuri Parfenov

According to investigators, the head of NGO Northwest forensic examinations center Yuri Parfenov is involved in the documents processing for the misappropriation of deceased St. Petersburg residents’ apartments. He was found by dint of attempted assassination on Olga Makina’s investigation; the Head of Kolpino was involved in this crime.

The Krasnoselsky District Court of St. Petersburg authorized the arrest of the NGO Northwest forensic examinations center (ANO SZTSSE) head Yuri Parfenov. The representative of the MID ICR in St. Petersburg confirmed this information to Versii na Neve.

Yuri Parfenov is suspected of swindling on an especially large scale. According to investigators, the headed by him non-profit organization ANO SZTSSE made up documents, with which the illegal registration of ownership of deceased residents of the northern capital apartments occurred from.

Earlier, on October 27, 2016, the court rejected the investigators’ request on the black psychiatrist’s arrest in the framework of the criminal case initiated under part 2 of Art. 292 of the Criminal Code (Forgery). However Parfenov’s lawyers managed to convince the judge to appoint their client a softer preventive measure and place him under house arrest. Later, investigators managed to put the suspect in custody.

According to Versii na Neve, criminal cases, in which Parfenov was the defendant, combined into one and removed to the Krasnoselsky district MID ICR.

Investigators found that Parfenov occupying the post of the gerontology department of clinic N91 head along with the accomplice, the head of the prophylaxis department, Egor Ermishin, made up a medical card without a number at a local resident's name and inferred a false impression about the brain disease. Then Parfenov made an expert opinion about the presence of a mental illness, because of what this resident allegedly did not be aware of his behavior at the moment of a will inclusion.

By virtue of these documents the Kalininsky district court of St. Petersburg invalidated the sale contract of an apartment on the Luzhskaya street priced at 2.9 million rubles.

Likewise, because of the Parfenov and Ermishin fictional impressions the spouse of the deceased St. Petersburg man was deprived of property and apartment in the Nevsky district.

Egor Ermishin was previously detained. The investigation of swindling, in which doctors were involved, journalists called Black Psychiatrists’ case.

Their clandestine dealings were revealed by dint of attempted assassination investigation; the Head of Kolpino was involved in this crime.

In 2003 robbers attacked the resident of St. Petersburg Olga Makina and swiped 46 thousand dollars. The trial began in 2014. Suspect's lawyers argued that the victim's testimony cannot be trusted and proved it with Yuri Parfenov and Sofia Novak’s impression, positing Makina was mentally ill. Later it was found that the doctors’ report with the diagnosis schizophrenic delusions and delusional disorder was fictitious.



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