Squadron commander of Russian Navy suspected of stealing subordinates’ bonuses

Squadron commander of Russian Navy suspected of stealing subordinates’ bonuses

The thefts were revealed after the checks conducted by prosecutor's office and the FSB.

The commander of the squadron of the 1050th Guards Airbase of the Northern Fleet in the Vologda Region (military unit 49324-k), Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Polyakov, is suspected of appropriating the monetary allowance of his subordinates, a source in the FSB told RBC, which was also confirmed in the press service of the Main Military Prosecutor's Office.

As explained by the source of RBC referring to the materials of the criminal case, investigators suspect that in 2016 and 2017 Polyakov gave subordinates illegal orders to transfer part of their bonuses that they were relying on in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Defense “On additional measures to increase the effectiveness of the use of monetary allowances” to him. According to this order, the awarding of servicemen is carried out at the expense of budget funds saved as a result of the reduction of personnel.

Lieutenant Colonel Polyakov gave his subordinates the instructions to transfer him the money in accordance with the orders of the commander of the air base (of November 19, 2016 and December 22, 2017), which he himself prepared, assured RBC's interlocutor.

The source of RBC says in the case materials it is indicated that by doing so Polyakov could have appropriated in 1.5 million rubles (~24.000 USD) supposed for his subordinates. This was established during the inspection, which was carried out by the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Western Military District and the Vologda garrison, together with the regional departments of the FSB and MIA. To check the information on extortion among the military, law enforcement officers conducted an “anonymous questionnaire survey” in the squadron.

The Military Prosecutor's Office clarified that as of now the investigation has established damage from Polyakov’s actions in the amount of 155 thousand rubles (~2.500 USD).

On the website of the Vologda garrison military court, it is stated that in 2012 Lieutenant Colonel Polyakov challenged the actions of the commander of the airbase, the defense minister and the head of the Unified Settlement Center of the Defense Ministry, related to the failure to pay a monthly supplement for special conditions of service from January 1, 2012 at a rate of 70% allowances for August and September of the same year.

Also in 2012, the officer was mentioned on the website of the Vologda Municipal District. As stated in the article on the 100th anniversary of the Air Force, Polyakov was awarded the medal “For Special Merits to the Vologda Region of the III Degree” for actions during an abnormal situation on board an aircraft.



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