Сourt arrested suspected in fraud director of TFB-Finance

Сourt arrested suspected in fraud director of TFB-Finance
Rally of affected by Tatfondbank management's actions in Kazan Photo: Kazan reporter

The head of the investment company will stay in custody for almost two months.

The Kazan Sovetsky court granted MIA investigators’ petition about the arrest of the director of an investment company TFB-Finance, TASS reported from the courtroom. The defendant in the case of fraud was arrested for 1 month and 27 days - until April 2 inclusively, according to the court decision.

Earlier it was reported that the law enforcers detained the director of Tatarstan TFB-Finance on suspicion of fraudulent theft of money transferred to management of the company. In addition to the head, the chief of active operations of the TFB Finance management, the chief of active operations in the securities market and the head of customer service of the TFB Finance company, who is also the head of customer operations management in the securities market of PJSC Tatfondbank became involved in the case.

The story began with the fact that the police began to receive applications from citizens, who claimed that the leadership of TFB Finance stole their savings, which were stored at Tatfondbank accounts and were later transferred to the trust investment company. As a result, the Interior MIA opened a criminal case under article Swindling committed on an especially large scale. According to preliminary calculations, victims suffered an estimated loss of more than 90 million rubles.



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