Son of Tatarstan ex-Minister of Justice not released on parole

Son of Tatarstan ex-Minister of Justice not released on parole
Ildar Kurmanov

Ildar Kurmanov was sentenced to three years in a penal colony for stealing 47 million rubles of Leroy Merlin company.

The Supreme Court considered the appeal of the Prosecutor's Office of the Tatarstan Republic on the decision of the Volga District Court of Kazan, which freed on parole son of the former Head of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic Ildar Kurmanov, convicted of stealing 47 million rubles from Leroy Merlin company.

According to Kommersant, the District Court issued a decision in December 2016. However, prosecutors consider that Kurmanov does not deserve parole. The injured party shared the point of view of the supervisory authority. The application for annulment was filed in the Tatarstan Supreme Court.

As a result, the Supreme Court reversed the decision on parole and returned the case to the district tribunal for reconsideration.

According to investigators, in December 2011, former Head of the legal department of the Tatarstan Ministry of Energy Kurmanov, using his official position, entered into contracts with Leroy Merlin for grid connection, receiving an advance payment of 47 million rubles.

The money Kurmanov used at his discretion, a large part of the sum, 37 million rubles, he legalized by financial transactions on behalf of the LLC SEM controlled by him, that led the company to bankruptcy. His father, Head of the Ministry of Justice of Tatarstan Midhat Kurmanov, resigned after the charges brought against his son.

Ildar Kurmanov was sentenced for fraud in business for 3 years in a penal colony. A convict is serving a sentence in Kazan IR-18. He did not admit his guilt.



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