Son of Rostransnadzor head’s adviser put on wanted list

Son of Rostransnadzor head’s adviser put on wanted list
Dmitry Chertok

The case of Dmitry Chertok may be related to the conflict between the World Best Trade and Nordavia.

Businessman Dmitry Chertok, who is the son of the adviser to the Rostransnadzor head and former curator of the aviation security in the department, was placed on the wanted list. In late December he was arrested in absentia on charges of fraud. Earlier, the name of Chertok Jr. appeared in a conflict between World Best Trade and Nordavia, RBC reports.

The details of Chertok's criminal case are unknown, but Nordavia states that the entrepreneur was suspected of embezzling the owners of the airline's subsidiaries, Nord Tekhnik and Poliklinika Aviatorov. Nordavia’s spokesman believes that Chertok is behind the carrier’s creditor, World Best Trade, although the latter denies being associated with it.

In April 2017, Nordavia accused Chertok and the WBT of attempting a raider seizure. WBT is trying through commercial courts to collect multimillion debts under the loan agreement from the airline.



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