Son of Irkutsk Region Governor Andrey Levchenko charged with tax evasion

Son of Irkutsk Region Governor Andrey Levchenko charged with tax evasion
Andrey Levchenko Photo: Maria Olennikova/IrkutskMedia

Sergey Levchenko, the Region Governor, refused to comment on the situation, claiming he knew nothing about it.

Investigators have filed the final charge against Andrey Levchenko, the General Director of Stalkonstruktsiya CJSC, under Evading Payment of Taxes and (or) Fees Collectible from Organisations on essentially large scale (Part 1 of Article 199 of the Russian Criminal Code) and Non-payment of Salaries, Wages, Pensions, Stipends, Benefits and Other Payments  over two months (Part 2 of Article 145.1 of the Russian Criminal Code). He faces the maximum punishment of up to 3 years of imprisonment.

The Irkutsk Region Governor Sergey Levchenko has yet to comment on Investigation Committee’s accusations, stating he has no information whatsoever. “I have no idea,” Levchenko Sr. as quoted by TASS News Agency.

In October 2015, the Irkutsk Regional Investigation Committee opened proceedings against Andrey Levchenko in the case of Evading Payment of Taxes, which was later updated with one more episode. According to the investigation, in its accounting records Stalkonstruktsiya CJSC feigned a business relationship with a fly-by-night company in carrying out contract works in 2011 and 2014. That led to an overstatement of business expenses, statement of unjustified VAT deductions, and nonpayment of more than 12 million rubles of taxes. Furthermore, the General Director of CJSC failed to pay wages to employees for almost a year — from August 2014 to May 2015. The debts of wages to 21 employees amounted to about 1 million rubles.  

We shall note that Raiffeisenbank had previously applied to the Arbitration Court of Irkutsk Region to recognize the governor’s son Andrey Levchenko bankrupt with numerous violations. The applicant had not provided documents, confirming the payment o fstate fees and depositing of money for financial manager services to the court’s deposit account along with the application. In addition, the bank had not provided a duly certified copy of the court decision.

According to the databank of the Irkutsk Federal Bailiff Service enforcement proceedings, as of February 2016, Andrey Levchenko’s indebtedness under credit payments (mortgage excluded) exceeded 32 million rubles. 



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