Son of Barnaul former Head got 6 years imprisonment for swindling

Son of Barnaul former Head got 6 years imprisonment for swindling
Maxim Savintsev

His accomplices got suspended sentences.⁠

The Oktyabrsky court of Barnaul found Maxim Savintsev, the son of the former city Mayor Igor Savintsev, guilty of swindling and embezzlement and sentenced him to 6 years imprisonment in a general penal colony and a fine of 500 thousand rubles, the press-service of the ID ICR in the Altai region reported. The rest defendants in the case got rid of with probation and fines.

Savintsev Jr. bought undervalued stocks of a large management company JSC Doverie through the frontman, thus causing damage to the budget totalling in 19 million rubles. In October 2013, the son of the former Barnaul Head became the sole owner of the company worth more than 30 million rubles.

Controlling the MC Doverie Savintsev Jr. and his accomplices the CEO Denis Suchkov, his successor Alexander Krylov and the Chief Accountant Svetlana Bronitskaya systematically abducted means of apartments' residents allocated for utilities payments in the period from 2012 to February 2014. Money was cashed through one-day firms. In addition, fraudsters entered into a criminal conspiracy with the staff of OJSC Kuzbassenergo (the Department Head Sergey Vernigorov and his subordinate Ludmila Ezhova), thus divided the money received in payment for the delivered heat misappropriating about 9 million rubles.

The Chief Accountant of the MC Doverie Svetlana Bronitskaya and employee of Kuzbassenergo Ludmila Yezhova entered into a pre-trial agreement with the investigation, as a consequence, they were sentenced to 4,5 and 4 years of the suspended imprisonment.

The organizer of criminal scheme Maxim Savintsev was hiding from the investigation, which resulted in the declaration his as internationally wanted. In January 2015, he was arrested in Thailand and deported to Russia.

Within the framework of a criminal investigation over 400 witnesses were questioned, 17 judicial accounting examinations were conducted, in addition, a series of raids on the residence and work of suspects took place. In order of indemnity the arrest was imposed on swindlers' expensive property and property of the management company worth more than 31 million rubles.

The court having considered the evidence found all the accused guilty of the crimes imputed to them and, in accordance with the severity of the offense, determined them suspended sentences from 4 to 4.5 years with a fine from 150 to 200 thousand rubles.



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