founder is accused of organizing gang founder is accused of organizing gang
Erik Kituashvili

Erik Kituashvili will remain in custody until November 21.

Erik Kituashvili, community founder and a video blogger, has been charged with organizing a strong criminal group, said the accused's lawyer Sergey Shirochenko. The lawyer filed a motion for clarification of the charges, however the investigator failed to explain it. According to the investigation, the group was created at an unspecified time, under unknown circumstances, and at an undisclosed location in Moscow.

As stated by the defense, in the absence of a new aggravating circumstance the accused cannot be hold accountable due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.

Erik Kituashvili was arrested on February 21. founder with a help of his accomplices (including Anna Kaganskaya, his common-law wife), have been accused of staging carjacking of three cars and using fake certificates to get an insurance compensation. The investigation believes this way Kituashvili has misappropriated 7 million rubles.



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