Sisters from Sberbank caught trying to buy Ferrari

Sisters from Sberbank caught trying to buy Ferrari

Young client managers are suspected of major fraud.

As Kommersant found out, two young employees of the Moscow branch of Sberbank were detained by the police on suspicion of a particularly large fraud. The client managers, the Dadasheva sisters – Maryam and Tamilla, were caught in the showroom while buying a new Ferrari. According to the investigators, a couple of days earlier, they had withdrawn and cashed out 40 million rubles ($700.000) from a client’s account. At the same time, according to unconfirmed reports, the young women planned to steal up to 4 billion rubles ($70m). Now, the investigation is trying to find out if they had accomplices.

According to Kommersant’s sources, the sisters Maryam and Tamilla Dadasheva, each under 30 years of age, were detained by the Moscow police in a car dealership that sells luxury cars. There, the girls were closing the deal on the purchase of a new Ferrari, with value exceeding 7 million rubles ($121.000). Maryam has dreamed of the car for a long time, and last year, even took a picture of herself with it on the background in Ferrari museum in the UAE, posted it on Instagram with a caption: "I want it as a gift". As it turned out, both girls are the employees of the Moscow office of Sberbank. 26-year-old Maryam is a client manager in the branch at 6, Bolshaya Andronievskaya Street. The other one, 22-year-old Tamilla, worked at a similar post in a branch on Lyusinovskaya Street. Both worked in the sector responsible for small businesses service.

According to the investigation, a few days before the purchase of the super-expensive foreign car, the Dadasheva sisters had pulled a big scheme. According to the preliminary data, the girls, who worked with legal entities and had access to their accounts, withdrew and "carried out a cash-out operation" of 40 million rubles. These funds allegedly were transferred to the accounts of three shell companies, from where they fell into the hands of the Dadashovas. After receiving the money, the sisters literally went shopping the next day. At the same time, according to unconfirmed reports, the plans of the young ladies included stealing up to 4 billion rubles.

A criminal case was initiated against the women on the Swindling on an especially large scale (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). According to Kommersant’s sources, the lawsuit was filed yesterday. However, the investigators were not going to demand their imprisonment in the pre-trial detention center, and instead would request for a home arrest. It may happen that the girls will be left at large under a written undertaking not to leave. Apparently, the investigation and the security service of Sberbank will be interested in how such fraud has become possible in general. The important thing is to find out whether the young ladies acted according to their own intentions or whether someone was directing them. Some reports claim that, in addition to the Dadasheva sisters, police questioned several other employees of the credit institution and directors of the firms to which the funds were transferred.

However, all of them were released after the conversation with the investigators and operatives, although, there may be "personnel decisions" taken about some of them, wrote Kommersant.

Maryam Dadasheva is a 2013 graduate of All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade. She had stared to work for Sberbank a year before she received her bachelor's degree. Her younger sister Tamilla studied economics and law at another university majoring in economics and law and began her career in Sberbank in the Lublinsky branch. The branch was considered one of the best ones, and the employee moved to a new office closer to the center of the capital. By the way, both sisters constantly post photos in social networks, both from their workplaces and holidays. Judging by the pictures, they had a glamorous life: travelled often and had fun in restaurants and clubs.

Sberbank management spoke to Kommersant and said that the Bank is providing their active support to the investigation: "We provide all the requested information to law enforcement agencies and are interested in an fair, comprehensive investigation."



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