Service master kidnapped 1.3 million rubles in "VTB 24" ATMs

Service master kidnapped 1.3 million rubles in "VTB 24" ATMs

In Saint Petersburg, 51-year-old service master stolen 1.3 million rubles. from the "VTB 24"ATMs

According to the Main Directorate of MIA in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region, an engineer working in the ATM service company is currently detained.

Vasileostrovsky department of police says that on Saturday, June 18th, around 11:30 pm, 51-year-old security officer of "VTB" Bank reported to them that from their ATM 1 mln 287 thousand rubles were stolen. It happened in one of VTB’s branch, located at Malyi Prospekt 78. According to the applicant, the loss of money was discovered on Friday, June 17, at about 17.20 pm, when the experts counted the cash.

During the operative-search activities law enforcement officers arrested 51-year-old suspect - a service engineer who served the bank's branch. Currently, this criminal case is proceeded under the p.4 art.158 “The grand larceny” of the Russian Criminal Code.

Concerning the arrested person, he is now obligated to show up in the court.



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