Serial office thief who stole 30 mln rubles from business centers caught in Moscow

Serial office thief who stole 30 mln rubles from business centers caught in Moscow

The Moscow police have arrested a 38-year-old Moscow resident suspected in committing a series of thefts in offices and business centers.

According to an official MIA representative Irina Volk, the total amount of material damage caused to victims is about 30 million rubles.

The law enforcement authorities added, that in all cases, the so-called office thief, opted for major business centers, as he could easily blend into the staff. He did the job using tools for breaking doors. He preferred the weekends, when there was no one in the business centers, or the evenings, i.e. the end of the workday. In some cases, the man would spend the night in the back rooms of business centers so he could commit a theft and leave the building without attracting attention.

According to investigative bodies, in October last year, the suspect stole over 17 million rubles from a business center located on Vereyskaya street. The office thief committed the crime on Saturday, entering into one of the offices after breaking the door. In the office, he cracked the safe, took 17 million rubles, and then disappeared.

Earlier this year, the same man stole 250 thousand rubles from an office in the Nizhegorodsky district of Moscow. He committed the next major theft at the business center on Pyatnitskaya street, stealing jewelry worth over 12 million rubles.

Criminal cases under Art. 158 of the Russian Criminal Code (Theft) have been initiated for each offense committed by the detained man.

During a search of the suspect’s place of residence, the investigators found stolen jewelry with labels as well as the tools, which he used for breaking into the offices.

At the moment, the suspect is under house arrest; the police are determining the exact number of thefts he has committed. The criminal investigation continues.



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