Serezha-Two-Percent found guilty of 120-billion-ruble laundering

Serezha-Two-Percent found guilty of 120-billion-ruble laundering
Sergey Magin (Serezha-Two-Percent)

During the court hearing, verdicts for 12 members of the organized criminal community (OCC) have been announced; the sum of money illegally cashed has been reduced for 47 billion rubles.

The Presnensky Court of Moscow has found ‘shadow banker’ Sergey Magin, known as Serezha-Two-Percent, guilty over the case of a criminal community, which managed to cash and launder over 120 billion rubles.

As Business FM reports, a judge announced the decision on the case of Magin and his 11 accomplices.

"The court found Magin, Rybalchenko and other persons unidentified by the investigation guilty of organizing a criminal community for committing a grave crime, as well as illegal bank activity on a large scale," - judge Tatiana Vasyuchenko announced the verdict. According to her, the sum of money transferred by the OCC members (excluding their percent of the income) amounted to rubles, while the members of the criminal group gained income of 611.357.000 rubles.

Earlier, the investigation considered the sum was larger. Investigators claimed the OCC laundered the funds totaling more than 169 billion rubles, and the sum of the illegally obtained commission amounted to more than 846 million rubles.

According to Anastasia Pylina, the court press secretary, announcement of the verdict might take three days and to be completed on 28 December.

Earlier, during the debate, the Prosecutor said he believes guilt of the defendants was proved and asked sentence from 6 to 15 years in prison for them. The Prosecutor offered a maximum sentence for Sergey Magin, the alleged leader of the organized criminal group, and for his ‘right hand’ Vadim Rybalchenko. Other ten defendants were offered to be sentenced to 6-14.5 years in prison.

According to the MIA, "during the period from 2012 to 2013, as a result of illegal banking activity, participants of the OCC through controlled entities cashed, converted, and laundered funds totaling over 169 billion rubles, while extracted the income in the form of commission in the amount of 846 million rubles." The gang’s commission was no less than 0.5%. According to other reports, Magin got his nickname due to the size of commission for his services, which was 2%.

12 people are defendants in the case. Investigators consider the leader of the criminal group is Sergey Magin, 42, of Mytischi, who is a chairman of Panorama housing cooperative. He is well known in financial circles as Serezha-Two-Percent. The defendants are charged with Creation of a Criminal Community (Criminal Organisation) and Participation Therein (Article 210 of the Criminal Code) and Illegal Banking Activity (Article 172 of the Criminal Code). Investigators name Vadim Rybalchenko close associate of Magin. They are also charged with Unlawful Establishment (Creation, Re-Organisation) of a Legal Entity (Art. 173.1 of the Criminal Code). The OCC laundered big sums of money trough fly-by-night companies. 



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