Serebrennikov's lawyer explained how art director got apartment in Germany

Serebrennikov's lawyer explained how art director got apartment in Germany
Kirill Serebrennikov

According to the defender, the arrest imposed on the property by the court violates the current legislation.

Art director Kirill Serebrennikov bought an apartment in Germany on personal funds before the allocation of funds for The Seventh studio projects. This was announced by attorney of the Gogol Center art ditector Dmitry Kharitonov, commenting on the arrest of his client's real estate.

The lawyer specified that the deal on purchase the apartment was held on May 9, 2012. Its cost is €300.000, €100.000 of which were received as an award at the Rome Festival.

"The apartment was booked back in October 2011. There is no connection to the money of the Platforma [the project of The Seventh Studio]. The first money on the Platforma was received by The Seventh Studio only in March 2012, two months before the purchase of the apartment, and were spent on projects, events," Kharitonov said.

He stressed that today the court, considering the appeal for the arrest of the real estate, upheld the decision of the first instance, that is, did not lift the arrest. According to Kharitonov, such a position of the court is contrary to the law, as the claim from the Ministry of Culture, the affected party, has not been declared.

"The Ministry can not formulate what was stolen," Kharitonov added.

The investigation, in turn, insists that as the apartment was purchased during the theft of funds, the property may have been acquired for illegally obtained money. In addition, Head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin said that in addition to the apartment, the arrest was imposed on 12.6 million rubles ($212.500), €5 thousand and $87 thousand, cars and jewelry. The decision to arrest the property was taken by the court on November 9.

Recall that main figurant of the embezzlement of 68 million rubles ($1.1m), allocated to The Seventh Studio for the Platforma project, Kirill Serebrennikov, is under house arrest. The investigation believes that producer of The Seventh Studio Ekaterina Voronova (she went abroad and was arrested in absentia), ex-general director of the studio Yuri Itin and ex-chief accountant Nina Maslyaeva helped Serebrennikov to siphon off funds.



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