Sentence of the ex-deputy of Tomsk Duma will be reclassified

Sentence of the ex-deputy of Tomsk Duma will be reclassified
Vladimir Zamoshchin

Earlier, the people’s deputy and director of construction company, who stole hundreds of millions rubles, got off with suspended sentence.

Press service of Tomsk Regional Court announced that a motion of victims of the ex-deputy of Tomsk City Council Vladimir Zamoshchin was partially granted. Applicants asked to reclassify the actions of former SU-13 limited liability company (LLC) director and the people’s deputy, which were earlier defined as «causing property damage by deception», to more strict in terms of the Criminal Code. The regional prosecutor’s office did not see obstacles for new consideration of the case. Soon Vladimir Zamoshchin will appear in Tomsk Regional Court again.

In April 2015 Zamoshchin has already been convicted in several financial crimes. He was incriminated art. 176 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (CC RF) – «Illegal credit receiving», art. 145.1 of CC RF– «Non-payment of salaries», art. 165, para. 1 and 4 of CC RF – «Causing property damage by deception or confidence fraud, which has caused especially heavy damage», art, 195 of CC RF – «Illegal actions at bankruptcy» and art. 199.1 of CC RF – «Non-execution of the tax agent’s duties».

According to investigators of the Investigative Committee in the Tomsk Region, Zamoshchin intentionally was not paying his company’s workers salaries for long time and as a result the back payments on salaries estimated at 32 million rubles. He also illegally received several credits for 130 million rubles in a bank, by providing knowingly false information about the financial standing of his company. After that, the deputy raised investments of private citizens under the pretext of shared-equity construction of multiple-dwelling houses in Tomsk. However, he did not carry out his obligations and stole 370 million rubles from the investors. At the same time, the SU-13 director Zamoshchin illegally held income taxes from the workers’ salaries, without transferring it to budget and caused damage to the state in a size of 30 million rubles.

For all these proved crimes, the court sentenced Vladimir Zamoshchin to 3 years of suspended prison sentence with probation period of 3 years. But the ex-deputy was amnestied and engaged in business again.

Now, the citizens, harmed by his actions are waiting for a new meeting with Vladimir Zamoshchin in court, to reclassify a criminal detention set earlier. 



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