Sentence for lawyer-solver Dionysiy Zolotov is confirmed

Sentence for lawyer-solver Dionysiy Zolotov is confirmed
Dionysiy Zolotov

The fugitive fraudster is accused of attempted theft of 5 million dollars.⁠

The Russian Supreme Court upheld the sentence to the law firm head Dionysiy Zolotov (former Denis Tumarkin). The solver was sentenced to 6 years in prison and a fine of 14 million rubles for the attempted theft of property worth millions of dollars.

Dionysiy Zolotov was repeatedly convicted. Two years ago the FSB officers detained the criminal, who at that time headed of the law firm LLC MGKYU Zashita. Zolotov, using his connections in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other law enforcement agencies, solved problems of businessmen for cash rewards. In February 2014 the solver met with businessman Joseph Badalov, who owned JSCo Korolevskaya Voda. The fraudster persuaded a businessman to sign a fake loan agreement, worth four million dollars and 1.5 million euros, for the resolution of the problem of the entrepreneur ‘s debt. Then Zolotov began to demand money from Badalov for a failure of services to contracts, and when the businessman refused, he filed a complaint in court. After six months in jail Badalov, who was found severe mental disabilities, was released, but he had already lost his business as a result of raider attacks.

The fraudster was arrested immediately, confessed and tipped his patron security officer in the Ministry of Internal Affairs – the Head of Police Department of the Western District of Moscow Vladimir Rozhkov. Law enforcer has also been caught red-handed while taking a bribe.

For cooperation with the investigation Zolotov was sentenced shorter period. However, released on freedom the businessman intends to apply to the fraudster a civil action to compensate for at least part of the damage.⁠



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