Senator Vadim Nikolaev to be checked

Senator Vadim Nikolaev to be checked
Vadim Nikolaev

The investigation will verify the activities of United Russia member as the director general of the enterprise.

The Interior Ministry of the Republic of Chuvashia discovered curious acts drawn up against his predecessor, now Senator from United Russia party Vadim Nikolaev during the investigation of the case of Igor Myasnyankin, director general of Chuvashsky Broiler OJSC. Kommersant discloses details.

According to the newspaper, Nikolaev, who ran the Chuvashsky Broiler from 2008 to 2012, freely spent the factory’s assets. In particular, he issued loans to the capital multifaceted Mediakar LLC in the amount of 88.4 million rubles ($1.3m), Agropromfinans agricultural consumption cooperatives from the Orel region - iao 14.3 million rubles and Volgogradsky Broiler JSC for 11 million rubles.

Moreover, Nikolaev waived the right of claim to Imperiya Torgovli LLC in the amount of 47.9 million rubles for unknown reasons, and then also purchased certain "information and consulting services" worth 116.3 million rubles from Agroholding LLC.

The police drew up these facts in their report and sent to the Investigative Committee of the Republic, but the investigation ignored it - they refused to conduct the pre-investigation check. The Prosecutor's Office took another position, sending documents to the ICR again.

In addition, the local department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs appealed to the General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. As the newspaper writes, the head of the anti-corruption department, Major-General Andrey Kurnosenko, addressed the deputy chairman of the ICR, Lieutenant-General of Justice Igor Krasnov, with a request to check the work of the republican investigators and Senator from Chuvashia.

According to the sources of the newspaper, the investigation checks are ongoing.

Nikolaev says that he does not know anything about the audit. According to him, he is not aware of the loans, which caused suspicions from the police.



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