Second criminal case initiated against fugitive oligarch Manashirov

Second criminal case initiated against fugitive oligarch Manashirov
Roman Manashirov

Internationally wanted Solomon Manashirov has been filed a second charge in absentia.

The Investigative Committee of Russia has brought another charge against one of Manashirov brothers declared wanted for tax evasion on an especially large scale.

According to Life, citing its source in the ICR, Solomon Manashirov, who had failed to pay more than a billion rubles of taxes to the state, has became a defendant in second case, brought against him under Article 174 of the Russian Criminal Code. In accordance with it, Manashirov has been charged in absentia with legalization of criminal money.

The first criminal case against Solomon Manashirov under Art. 199 of the Russian Criminal Code (Evading Payment of Taxes) was instituted in April 2016. In addition, investigation suspects Manashirov in the creation of an organized crime group, which included a number of shadow entrepreneurs and Roman Manashirov, Solomon's brother. In particular, Roman is known in some circles as rainmaker, associated with law enforcement and investigative agencies. Roman Manashirov has been in pre-trial detention center since the end of 2015 after being arrested for giving a bribe to investigators.

Solomon Manashirov is currently in Israel. In this regard, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation intends to ask the country's authorities to extradite the suspect to Russia.



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