Searches at Elizabeth Elena von Messing in 1 billion euros withdrawal case

Searches at Elizabeth Elena von Messing in 1 billion euros withdrawal case
Elizabeth Elena von Messing

Elizabeth Elena von Messing, formerly known as Elena Skorodumova, once performed a role in Tambov gang. Now the woman, as the investigators believe, established her own criminal business.⁠

The siloviki suddenly came with searches to Elizabeth Elena von Messing (formerly known as Elena Skorodumova), the businesswoman well known in St. Petersburg, Finnish citizen.

Employees of the Investigative Committee of St. Petersburg and the Regional Directorate of the FSB are conducting a series of operational activities in the framework of the criminal case on illegal withdrawal of funds abroad, Fontanka media outlet reports. Searches have also been carried out in 95 Nevsky Avenue, in the office of FTS LLC, the co-owner of which is 50-year-old Elizabeth Elena von Messing.

In addition, in the morning law enforcers came to the company's CEO, 35-year-old Sergey Cheremukhin, at his place of residence, but the siloviki did not find him at home. Meanwhile, other persons involved in the high-profile case were detained. They are being taken to the Investigation Committee on Moika.

The criminal case under part 3 of Art. 193.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on Execution of currency transactions for the transfer of funds in foreign currency or in the currency of the Russian Federation to accounts of non-residents using forged documents on an especially large scale was initiated in the Investigative Committee of St. Petersburg about two weeks ago. The case papers feature 1 billion euros – an unprecedented sum for the criminal proceedings of the northern capital.

It should be noted that co-owner of FTS LLC von Messing deserves special attention. In turbulent years, still being Skorodumova, the woman had a direct relationship to Vladimir Kumarin. She was a civil wife of one of the leaders of the Tambov gang, Kumarin’s ‘nephew’ Andrey Khloyev (Besprizornik – Street child). Furthermore, law enforcement agents suspected Skorodumova of laundering the Tambov money in Finland. Nevertheless, the woman was not charged with participation in the criminal group. However, in 2014 she was charged with involvement in illegal banking activities. According to the initial version of the investigation, the female suspect and her associates withdrew 45.6 billion rubles ($797.8m) from the legal turnover of Petersburg, but later all the accusations were again dropped from her. Nevertheless, the northern capital managed to nickname Skorodumova "the queen of shadow financial channels". In March 2017 Skorodumova applied herself to the police. According to her testimonies, two authorities Sergey Fuks and Andrey Abramov (Abram) extorted 50 million rubles ($874.7m) from her on "account of alleged debt". The men were detained by FSB officers on the tip of the victim.

For the last time she appeared in the media in April this year, when she was rounded up for an expired visa and expelled from the country to Finland.



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