Сase against bard Novikov transferred from Sverdlovsk MIA Main Investigative Directorate to ICR

Сase against bard Novikov transferred from Sverdlovsk MIA Main Investigative Directorate to ICR
Bard Alexander Novikov

Numerous violations have been found in the work of the investigative group.

The criminal case of embezzlement from shareholders the Residential Compound Bukhta Queens, in which the bard Alexander Novikov and his partner Mikhail Shilimanov were accused, was transferred to the regional ICR Investigative Directorate. The singer’s assistants told Ura.ru that this is due to the fact that numerous violations were found in the work of the Sevrdlovsk MIA Main Investigative Directorate’s investigative group.

The police head office and in the ICR Investigation Directorate for the region were unable to officially confirm this information. However, the agency’s sources in the investigation authorities explained that the transfer of the case went through the Prosecutor's Office.

"According to the Criminal Procedure Code, the prosecutor decides on transfer the case from one investigative body to another," senior assistant prosecutor of the Sverdlovsk Region Marina Kanatova commented on the situation. "In the case of Bukhta Queens, given the large volume of procedural actions, a significant amount of victims and a public outcry caused, it, indeed, was decided to transfer it from the MIA to the Investigation Committee, to the regional investigation department of the ICR."

Kanatova clarified that the ICR has not yet received the actual materials of the case: they will be transferred to the investigation agency next week.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, Alexander Novikov and his business partner Mikhail Shilimanov were accused of fraud. The bard is charged with embezzlement of 36 million rubles from the shareholders of the Bukhta Queens cottage village, and his partner amount is slightly larger – 41 million rubles. From the criminal acts of the accused, 65 shareholders suffered. A criminal case under the article Swindling on an especially large scale was initiated in November 2015. In 2011, the shareholders have invested about 150 million rubles in the construction of houses. The money was then transferred by the alleged fraudsters on their accounts. The construction of the cottage village, eventually, was frozen for an indefinite period. On January 19, 2017, Bard said that he found investors willing to buy back shares from shareholders. According to recent data, the construction works at the Bukhta Queens have restarted.



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