Saratov Former Mayor’s accomplices will face trial

Saratov Former Mayor’s accomplices will face trial
Aleksandr Prokopenko

Aleksandr Prokopenko’s accomplices will face up to 10 years in prison. He got rid of justice.

Swindlers, who participated in the fraud with the tenants of apartment buildings’ residential rental payment, will be face trial, according to the Saratov Prosecutor's Office. Before the court there will be accomplices of the former Mayor Alexander Prokopenko - Alexander Isayev, Sergey Birgin, Andrey Gnusarev and Irina Ripinena. All of them were charged under articles Swindling committed by an organized group on an especially large scale (Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) and Legalisation (Laundering) of Monetary Funds on an especially large scale (Part 4, Art. 174.1 of the Criminal Code). They face up to 10 years in prison.

The Saratov former Mayor Alexander Prokopenko created four asset management companies, as well as the LLC Payment and Settlement Center, which collected the residential rental payment from the residents in the period from November 2012 to November 2014. Part of this money in the amount of almost 82 million rubles were encashed through the accounts of shell companies.

The funds the former Mayor and his accomplices spent on the purchase of cars, equipment and other things. For example, the car Cadillac GMT 166 (SRX) worth over 1.3 million rubles was bought. It was used for personal purposes by accused Isayev.

At the time of the investigation the accused were under house arrest. Alexey Prokopenko is on the international wanted list. His case is separated. At various times such countries as Israel, the US and Hungary were called as places, where the former Mayor is hiding. In April 2016, as reported by the local newspaper Vzglyad-Info, Interpol officers arrested Prokopenko in Budapest (Hungary). However, there was no report about that.

He headed the Administration of Saratov from 7 April 2010. October 29, 2013 he was removed from office on charges of negligence in making decisions about the signing of permits for the construction of two houses.



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