Samara FSB suspects university professor of fraud and forgery

Samara FSB suspects university professor of fraud and forgery
Evgenia Trescheva

The investigators charged the 70-year-old lawyer in the hospital, where the teacher got suffering a cerebral accident.

The FSB in the Samara region became interested in the head of the department of civil procedural and business law of the Samara University, 70-year-old Evgenia Treshcheva because of suspicions of petty fraud for 30 thousand rubles. Employees of the special services interrogated the teacher, after which they handed over the materials to the regional administration of the ICR, and Trescheva was hospitalized with the cerebral accident, Samara Komsomolskaya Pravda says.

According to investigators, in March 2018, Treshcheva received a salary while she was on a two-week trip abroad. Investigators charged the teacher when she was in the hospital after the apoplectic attack.

According to Trescheva, she was on sanatorium treatment for two weeks, having learned about the security forces' interest in herself, she contributed 20 thousand rubles to the university pay office, although the management had no complaints.

Why the FSB has engaged in such a petty affair is unknown. Treshcheva thinks that it was the revenge on the part of ex-Governor of the Samara region Nikolay Merkushkin, with whom the lawyer is supposedly arguing over the merger of the Samara State and Aerospace Universities.

The Human Rights Council (HRC) under the President of the Russian Federation supported Treshcheva and appealed for her defense to the ICR and the Prosecutor General’s Office.



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