Russian woman detained in Finland for money laundering and drug trafficking 

Russian woman detained in Finland for money laundering and drug trafficking
Mira Terada Photo: KP

The US authorities had made the arrest warrant.

Finnish border guards detained a Russian citizen named Mira Terada at the passport control. The woman was going to fly from the Vantaa airport to Spain. The US authorities had filed the Interpol request, reports TASS.

Finnish authorities have notified the Russian embassy about the detention. According to the Russian diplomatic mission, the Russian woman born in 1988 was detained as early as December 15 and put in prison in the city of Vantaa. The US suspects her of violating the law on money laundering and drug trafficking. Terada lived in the Untied States between 2013 and 2016.

Mira's mother, Svetlana Rogozhina, told RIA Novosti that her daughter is kept in very poor conditions: her cell is cold and she is only fed twice a day.

 “I’ve talked to her over the phone. It's cold there; they only feed her twice. She’s lost a lot of weight and feels sick,” Rogozhina said.


Meanwhile, the consular unit of the Russian embassy claims that they have checked the conditions of her detention and did not find any violations. The embassy noted that Terada had not complained to the consulate employees about the conditions.

The detainee denied any wrongdoing. The Finnish authorities have asked the US for evidence of the validity of the charges against her. Washington must provide the documents before January 29. Terada was given a free attorney. She can also call her family and the embassy.

“We’ve asked the Finns to pay special attention to the detainee’s health, since she has injuries after a car accident,” the consular unit added.



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