Russian Space Systems lose 300 million rubles on kickbacks

Russian Space Systems lose 300 million rubles on kickbacks
Investigators suspect the RSS staff of making a scheme to misappropriate budget funds.

A special department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is conducting the investigation.

The 4th MIA Department in charge of investigating sensitive site crimes is taking actions on the embezzlement of money from the Russian Space Systems (RSS), reported  Rosbalt. The estimated damage caused by the illegal activities amounted to 300 million rubles.

According to a source, starting from early October, the MIA special department has been conducting searches and seizing documents from the RSS and the contractors. The law enforcement officers are particularly interested in a few contracts that have already been sent for examination to determine if they violate the law. According to the sources, some people have already been arrested under the case; a criminal case for Illegal Banking Activity has been initiated (Art. 172 of the Criminal Code).

According to investigators, the funds kept getting misappropriated through certain arrangements with the contractors. The RSS would sign contracts with various companies for development works provided the RSS staff would get kickbacks. Thus, the contractors would transfer a part of the funds they received to the accounts of one-day firms, where special couriers would cash and collect them. According to preliminary calculations, about 300 million rubles have been stolen this way.

This spring, a so-called cash-platform was discovered in Moscow, through which one could withdraw large sums of money. Among its customers were the contractors of both the Russian Space Systems and S. P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia. According to the investigators, the laundered money was intended to serve as kickbacks for the signed contracts.



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