Russian mafia seek to kill crypto hacker Vinnik in Greek prison

Russian mafia seek to kill crypto hacker Vinnik in Greek prison
Alexander Vinnik

Prison staff tightens up on security to protect the Russian suspected of fraud.

Russian hacker Alexander Vinnik accused of fraud with cryptocurrencies and money laundering survived an attempt in a Greek prison. As a source told  RIA Novosti, there are people in Russia who are interested in eliminating him. The Greek law enforcement agencies received operational information on the preparation of Vinnik’s poisoning; it resulted in security upgrade. Food, water and things from other people are prohibited. Vinnik’s escort is also tightened up, the source says. The information received was not disclosed in the interests of the investigation.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, Russian mobs were going to poison him. At the same time, the source states that special services are beside the attempt.

Alexander Vinnik, accused of laundering $4 billion through crypto exchange in the US, is held in a prison in Thessaloniki. The Russian was detained last July in Greece at the request of the US special services. However, neither the US nor Russia could draw out of extradition of the suspect. Vinnik asked for political asylum in Greece.



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