Russian citizen robs bank in Norway to avoid homecoming

Russian citizen robs bank in Norway to avoid homecoming

The man left his homeland to buy weapons abroad and commit suicide.

A court in Norway sentenced a 29-year-old Russian who tried to commit armed robbery of the only bank in Spitsbergen archipelago at the end of last year, to 14 months imprisonment. A citizen of the Russian Federation went abroad, as it was easier to buy weapons for suicide, but the plan failed, and the Russian decided to go to jail lest not to return home, the NRK broadcasting company reports.

On December 21, 2018, a Russian citizen broke into a bank in the city of Longyear armed with a Mauser rifle and stole about 70 thousand kroner. After 20 minutes, the police detained the offender. He was arrested and sent into custody in the city of Troms. It was the first bank robbery in the history of Spitsbergen.

The court took into account the difficult life situation of the accused and rendered a mild sentence. By this time, the failed robber served 136 days in custody, which would be deducted from the 14 months term. Also, the convict must pay about 60 thousand crowns to three employees of the bank whom he nightmarized with a weapon during a robbery.

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