Russian Authors' Society reports illegal attempt to close its accounts

Russian Authors' Society reports illegal attempt to close its accounts

RAS has disclosed information that Maksim Dmitriev, the elected CEO of the organization, tried to block the accounts of the society.

A new twist has occurred in the story of the scandalous conflict between RAS and the authors included in its composition. The RAS issued a statement accusing the General Director of the First Music Publishing Limited Liability Company Maksim Dmitriev of attempting to paralyze the activity of RAS.

As evidence for this accusation, the press service of the company refers to a certain letter obtained by the RAS. In it Maksim Dmitriev supposedly addresses the banks and "misleads heads of credit institutions into believing that the persons with authority to manage RAS funds have been devoid of their powers, namely the Acting Director General Sergey Fedotov and his first Deputy Vera Fedotova."

RAS claims that Dmitriev makes these actions as the Head of the company, despite the fact that the author's council declared void his election to the post.

Commenting to the Vedomosti newspaper, Maksim Dmitriev partially denied the information spread by the RAS administration. He claims that he no longer holds the position of the Director General of First Music Publishing. He confirmed the sending of letters to the banks, which work with RAS. However, he noted that he had not called upon the banks to block the accounts of the organization, but simply informed them that from August 31, 2016, he is the head of the RAS.

Vedomosti quoted Dmitriev’s letter to Alfa-Bank: "Kindly pay special attention to check the powers of persons acting on behalf of the RAS, while conducting banking transactions on the accounts of the RAS."

It is reported that such notices were sent also to Sberbank, Globex Bank, Novikombank, Uniastrum Bank, Vnesheconombank. Novopokrovskiy bank, and NZBank.

Maksim Dmitriev argues that he sent these messages in order to ensure the safety of royalties, which are at the disposal of the RAS and "to prevent them from another misappropriation."

As a reminder, Maksim Dmitriev was elected the Director General of the Russian Authors' Society at a special conference on August 31, 2016, which was convened at the initiative of a number of RAS members — poets and composers, including the poet and writer Alexander Vulykh, poet Sergey Sashin, composers Igor Mateta and Evgeny Kobylyansky. The initiative group requested to put an end to the "criminal situation that has evolved and continues to evolve in the RAS" and to terminate the powers of the director general director Sergey Fedotov, who had been arrested on charges of fraud, as well as to form new administration.

The society members had previously published their requirements on the website under the petition "We demand to stop the chaos in RAS," addressed to the authorities, including the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky, and the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika. As a result of the conference, the authors stopped terminated Fedotov’s powers, as well as those of the authors’ council of the RAS Board. Previously, the existing management declared the conference illegitimate. Members of the Authors’ Council Alexander Klevitskiy and Nikolay Denisov Klevitsky filed a lawsuit, demanding to recognize the August 31 conference illegal.



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