Rusnano CEO to be interrogated upon case of its ex-head

Rusnano CEO to be interrogated upon case of its ex-head
Anatoly Chubais

The hearing will be held on November 24.⁠

Rusnano CEO Anatoly Chubais will be questioned in court as a witness on the part of the prosecution in the case of Leonid Melamed, the former head of Rusnano, who is accused of embezzling 226 million rubles ($3.8m). The court session will be held on November 24 in the Cheremushkinsky court of Moscow.

Previously, Rusnano stated that there was no damage and legality of the actions of the accused. At the end of May the Cheremushkinsky court of Moscow began to consider the criminal case against Melamed and Ponurov on merits.

Recall, Melamed is accused of the organization of large embezzlement. According to the investigation, former head of Rusnano hired Andrey Malyshev and Svyatoslav Ponurov to work for the corporation, after which he initiated the issue of attracting an advisory firm to provide Rusnano Corporation with services that were not needed. In 2008, Ponurov, being the financial director of the company, illegally won the tender for the selection of an adviser to Alemar. The co-owner of this company was Melamed. After that, a draft agreement on the provision of services was designed, which, in turn, was signed by deputy head of Rusnano Malyshev.

Due to all illegal actions, the corporation Rusnano unjustifiably spent more than 220 million rubles, as Alemar did not fulfill obligations.



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