Rosnano: "Top Manager Gorky's arrest is unreasonable"

Rosnano: "Top Manager Gorky's arrest is unreasonable"
Andrey Gorky

Rosnano State Corporation considers the placement in custody of its CEO for investment activity Andrey Gorkov unreasonable.

This is reported in an official statement cited by RIA Novosti. In particular, it says that Rosnano does not have any reliable information confirming Andrey Gorkov's infliction of any damage to the company.

Let us recall that earlier the Basmanny Court of Moscow had placed Top Manager of Rosnano Andrey Gorky, charged with abuse of office, under arrest until August 9 at the prosecutor's request. According to the investigation, the actions of Gorky and his brother Evgeny, who has been declared wanted, had together caused the state corporations damage amounting to at least 738 million rubles (12.9 million dollars).

According to the ICR, in the period from 2011 to 2013, Gorky deposited the corporation's money in Smolensky Bank Commercial Bank LLC under the guise of settlement and cash services. Prior to the license revocation from the bank in 2014, the brothers Gorky withdrew assets in the form of real estate objects worth about 400 million rubles (7 million dollars) from it.



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